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I think need a neopagan litmus test, please

I hope I'm not annoying anyone with such a basic question, but it's nagging me for a long time now. (I even googled this, but no success.)

I quit monotheistic religion because the idea of one right god, one right path and all the others are false feels like it wouldn't even fit into my head - square peg, round hole. I've been studying and reading for years now, mostly pretty basic stuff like Drawing Down the Moon and Witch Crafting (Phyllis Curot) but also Where Magic And Science Meet. Lots of reading on the internet on Asatru, Wicca and so on.

And I'm not sure where I belong.

I know that stories have a huge impact on me, always had. (Does that even indicate a spiritual affiliation?) I feel drawn to some deities but they can be from very different reactions. Some statues of deities just give me a strong impulse to kneel in front of them (complicated when happening in a museum, BTW).

I'm skeptic even about deities or principles I believe in or want to believe in, which makes things difficult. I tend to feel awkward when trying to use a spell or chant or invocation from a book because I immediately ask myself questions like "so why this one? how do I know the author didn't just make it up to fill half a page? Is any chant/invocation using line from a tv show, even a good one, automatically Silver Rabidwolf territory?"

Please help me out here; I'm really disorientated about whether there's something wrong with my mindset or I'm just manipulating myself or what.
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