Sphinx (elven_sphinx) wrote in nonfluffypagans,

A question or two...

I'm going through a difficult time in my life right now and I have been trying to make my will known to the Universe in an effort to affect a big change in my own life....I've read various books and sites suggesting to "ask for help from the Universe" or to "put your will out there", etc.
Thing is...aside from just talking aloud and literally asking for help and/or describing what I need/want, I'm not sure exactly what I need to do or how to go about "making my will known".
-Could anyone explain/suggest how to go about this?
I've even gone so far as to write it all down and burn the paper while fanning the cold ashes into the night sky on the wind...

Further, I'm also trying some "visualizing" in an effort to attract/bring what I desire most into my life. I'm an artist so visualizing isn't difficult for me, but I'm honestly having some problems in visualizing what I'm wanting even though I know exactly what it is that I want.
Is daydreaming not a form of visualizing? I tend to end up 'accidentally' visualizing more clearly through daydreaming rather than when I'm intentionally trying to do it.

I'm also doing a Honeyjar Spell and I burn certain candles atop the jar during every full-moon as this is a long-term goal and burning candles 'every' day/night is not realistic for me. I dress the candles in "come to me" oil before I burn them and I'm selecting certain colored candles for their meanings and what they mean to me in relation to what I'm wanting to attract back into my life.
I've also added some menstrual blood during a full moon to the jar to help strengthen the energy being put into it as well as, some crystals.

Are there any books or sites you all could recommend to me?

I'm not a Witch nor a Wiccan, I just consider myself a Pagan, and this Honeyjar spell is my first spell-work that I can ever recall doing. I'm excited by it, but at the same time...I'm not sure if it's enough for my needs. I've been 'reading' (so, an "arm-chair Pagan") for many years with the desire to start practicing when I was finally ready to.

I know I've not really given any info. as to what it is I'm trying to achieve, I'd prefer not to divulge that as it's private, but I just need some help/advice when it comes to visualizing and putting forth my Will.
-And what could I offer as thanks to the Universe/Goddess?... a friend said I should just try to better myself on my journey and that that should be good enough, but I'm not sure..

Thanks so much, I appreciate any and all help/suggestions.
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