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Request for Sources

All -

I'm currently in early talks with a Seeker who is asking typical questions but would like not only conversations but also to be pointed to some reading material and I'm having a harder time than normal finding anything appropriate for one specific question.

The Seeker's question (or at the least one I'm asking for help with):

"If you know of any articles that focus on [magical] reality, illusion, and imagination. I have that problem where I don't like trusting my own senses because I want to see empirical evidence of everything, and all of my experiences with magic so far have been entirely subjective, and therefore, from my perspective, untrustworthy. I think I need to learn about what's safe to trust and what isn't. I'm more likely to call BS on my own experiences than just believe everything I see and hear and feel and so on.

I'm used to having this conversation as a conversation and so far have only found two partially usable references. So far I've found:

- A Glimpse Into Magic
- With some reservations: Magic, doubt and negative emotions . I’m not big on ‘Thoth Channeling’ or some of her other beliefs, but see if what she says about doubting strikes a chord with you.

Any suggestions?


[edit. Thanks for the suggestions so far. To clarify, this is not for a long-term assignment; this is something they can read between now and Sunday.]
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