March 2nd, 2007


Death of pets

Hi, all - long time reader, first time poster, etc etc etc.

The pony my family has owned for seventeen years is being put down next week due to an incurable infection, and I am on the prowl for non-fluffy pagan material related to the death of a beloved pet. It seems like most of the stuff on death I can find is either about people dying, which doesn't quite fit, or is all "Ooh, the Rainbow Bridge!" which kind of bugs me. I have no firm beliefs about what happens after we die, and to pretend otherwise seems hypocritical.

I'm looking for ways to honor him now, and possibly some small thing to do during the euthanasia. Any tips, pointers, links, etc. would be deeply appreciated.

General book question

What authors do you like and what authors do you stay away from and why?
If some one new asked you what books are good what would you recommend?

I will admit teh first book I bought was by Silver. Since then I have learned my lesson.

I enjoy reading Starhawk, Z budapest, Buckland, I just bought 2 books by Dyanne Sylvan, Cunningham, and the farrars and Amber and Azrael K. I try to avoid Mccoy Conway, Silver and a few others that pusblish through Lewellyn

What about you guys


So so
Brock at 40

Elders: Why?

For several years I have been intrigued by the degree to which some segments of the modern pagan movement in the United States appear fascinated with the concepts of “elders” and “elderhood.”  Given the wide disparity of beliefs and practices within the pagan community in the US, the general lack of organization above the level of the local worship group within the modern pagan movement, and the militant aversion to religious authority manifested by many pagans, it is not immediately obvious (to me, at least,) as to why this subject seems to so seize upon people’s attention.  This is especially true when the matter being discussed is, as is often the case in public discussions on this subject, the question of which person or persons ought to be considered to be elders with regard to the modern pagan movement as a whole.


I am interested in hearing people’s thoughts on why this issue seems to come up so regularly.  What are the forces or needs that are propelling it to the surface of the collective consciousness?  Are there personal agendas involved here?  Group agendas?  Mass delusions and the madness of crowds?  Inquiring minds want to know!


(Please note that what I do NOT want here is anything that even vaguely resembles another attempt at defining the status of “elder.”  That’s a whole ‘nother can of worms I’d as soon not open right now.)