Avallonia (avallonia) wrote in nonfluffypagans,

Herb of Yemaya - Scholastic Question

I hope someone here can help or point me in the right direction.

I have a cousin in Italy who translates texts from English into Italian for a living. She has hit a snag concerning a passage that refers to a plant called "Yemonja root" which is used in a love potion. Research on Yemonja/Yemaya has not given much information about a plant that bears her name, though there was one passage that referred to boneset as Yemaya's plant -- something protective and cleansing:

"Rompe Saraguay - Yemonja Plant - (per my Padrino in Ifa) this is Bitterbush, Boneset, Florida Keys Thoroughwort
Scientific Name: Eupatorium Odor Afum, Koanophyllon Villon Sum" (from here:http://orisha.tribe.net/thread/587dd0a2-dbe9-40d8-b265-958f804b8f38)

Could this be "Yemonja Root"? I've been Googling, and have come up with vague references to dandelion root being used for divination with Yemaya. Any insight -- and especially good references -- would be appreciated! I asked her to send me the whole passage for some context, and if she does, I will post it here as well.

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